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Part II


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These 324 Bach compositions are all in my top 10 most beautiful and interesting pieces ever.

Bach owned a lute harpsichord that could fool a professional player with its sound to pass for a lute. He bought a new improved instrument every decade and also sometimes did so on commission, critically following construction and delivery. The question of what he played on it and how the instrument was tuned is hardly addressed in secondary Bach literature.

A thesis could be: anything he was involved with at the time. His themes have deep roots in the Style brisé, created by lute players because of the dying sound after the strings are plucked. In the Broken Style the progression of the melody is mainly suggested instead of expressed.

This characteristic of Bach's music explains why it appears so idiomatic in the setting for two guitars: a guitarist experiences Bach understands the guitar.

A great way to improve your guitar playing is to play together. It is one of the nicest and most enchanting things you can do as a musician. A steady beat, necessary and conditional in playing together, improves clarity, phrasing and periodization and it helps to connect, resolving broken bonds.

"We loved each other very well, dear Willie, but now, for reasons we cannot understand, that bond has been broken. But our bond can never be broken. As long as I live, you will always be with me, child."



Index part II

Echo BWV 831 Ouverture nach Französischer Art

Variatio 29 BWV 988 Die Goldberg-Variationen

Invention 2 BWV 773 Inventionen

Aria BWV 248 Fallt mit Danken

Präludium 22 BWV 867 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I

Chor BWV 6 Bleib bei uns Sonolize audio

Air  BWV Anhang 131 Johan Christian Bach

Fantasia BWV 718

Aria BWV 201 Ihr wirbelnden Winde

Aria BWV 199 Mein Herz ist itzt ein Tränenbrunn

Choral JCB Warum betrübst du dich

Aria BWV 244 Können Tränen meiner wangen nichts erlangen

Krebskanon BWV 1079
Das Musikalische Opfer

Aria BWV 15 Ihr klaget mit Seufzen Johann Ludwig Bach Sonolize audio

Kanon a 1 BWV 988 Die Goldberg-Variationen

Aria BWV 21 Bäche von gesalznen Zähren

Kanon a 2 BWV 1079 Das Musikalische Opfer

Aria BWV 21 Seufzer, Tränen, Kummer, Not SoundCloud audio

Ciaccona BWV 150 Meine Tage in dem Leide

Passacaglia BWV Anhang 182 Christian Friedrich Witt

Adagiosissimo BWV 992 Capriccio    

Passacaglia BWV 232 Crucifixus

Variatione 22 BWV 988 Die Goldberg-Variationen

Chor BWV 78 Meine Seele Sonolize audio

Chaconne BWV 245 Ach, mein Sinn  SoundCloud audio

Passacaglia BWV 582

Fuge BWV 582

Ouverture BWV 831 Ouverture nach Französischer Art Sonolize audio

Präludium 7 BWV 876 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier II

Fantasia BWV 542

Fuge BWV 542

Choral BWV 727 Herzlich tut mich verlangen

Präludium BWV Anhang 177 Johann Cristoph Bach

Fuge BWV Anhang 177 Johann Cristoph Bach

Polonaise BWV Anhang 123 Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach

Aria BWV 201 Mit Verlangen

Präludium 24 BWV 893 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier II

Gigue BWV 827 Partita III

Aria BWV 11 Ach, bleibe doch

Sonatine  BWV 106 Actus Tragicus Sonolize audio

Choral BWV 619 Du Lamm

Chorus BWV 245 Wir dürfen niemand töten

Aria Welt, gute Nacht!
Johann Cristoph Bach

Polonaise  BWV Anhang 125 Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach

Choral BWV 668 Vor deinen Thron tret ich hiermit

Präludium 24 BWV 869 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I

Gigue 16 BWV 990 Sarabande con partite

Inventione 15 BWV 786 Inventionen

Präludium 6 BWV 938 6 Kleine Präludien

Gigue BWV 817 Franse Suite 6

Sinfonie 15 BWV 801 Sinfonien

Duetto BWV 805

Fuge 24 BWV 869 Das Wohltemperierte Klavier I  Sonolize audio

Recitativ BWV 245 Und neiget das Haupt und verscheid

Echo_Bach_transcripties_Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders
Können Tränen meiner wangen nichts erlangen_Bach_transcripties_Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders
Meine Tage_Bach_transcripties_Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders

Mit Verlangen__Bach_transcripties_Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders
Ach, bleibe doch_Bach_transcripties_Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders
Vollendet_Bach_transcripties_Lincoln in the Bardo - George Saunders